Welcome to Water - 28 page e-book

What's included?

  • 28 Full colour pages
  • Pre-swim checklist
  • What is Aquatic Readiness
  • Swim Goals
  • Activities for bath time

Reduce the use of force in infant swimming lessons

Learn about a force free learn to. swim process, and how to recognise if unnesseccary forceful practices are being used at your swim school

Learn together - grow together

Learn how your baby senses your non-verbal cues, and how to communicate non-verbally, to build trust, confidence and readiness!
Meet the instructor

Peter Dalle Cort

I've grown up in the learn to swim industry and run my own swim school since 2008. 
Reducing the use of force in the learn to swim industry has become my focus since the original Welcome to Water concept was conceived in 2018.
I aim to have the philosophies and techniques in this programme become industry best practice in Australia, and across the world.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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