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Course Modules

Learning to swim is an essential skill for all children, especially in Australia.
Some of our best memories as a family revolve around North Queensland’s aquatic wonderland, paddle-boarding our islands, swimming our beaches and creeks, and snorkeling our reefs.
We created Welcome to Water to help give your child the best possible start on their swimming journey, so you too can make swimming a part of your life.
We believe in the magical benefits of having a happy relationship with water as an infant. Your baby will be safer, healthier and smarter! It is every parents job to maintain and grow the newborn’s natural affinity with the water.
Congratulations for making a start on that commitment.
Swimming kids are happy kids, and happy kids make happy parents.
All the best in your swimming life together
Patrick Jones - Course author

What's included?

  • 9 Modules
  • 28 Questions
  • 17 Video
  • 1 PDF
  • 1 Certification

Program Aims

To provide access to fundamental information on infant swimming for all new parents in Australia.
To provide access to a suitable aquatic learning environment for infants
To strengthen the bond between carer and child
To reduce overall deaths by drowning
To increase levels of physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development of the children of Australia

Program Outcome

At the conclusion of the program, baby will:
Be familiar with and well adjusted to various aquatic environments
Experience the feel, buoyancy and resistance properties of water
Begin to understand the “cues to swim” from carer and develop breath control
Have developed an increased report and trust with carer
At the conclusion of the program, carer will:
Be aware of the dangers and risks of swimming with infants/babies/toddlers
Know how a quality early years swimming program helps the physical, emotional, social and cognitive development of children.
Know theories behind conditioning the baby to hold their breath.
Have knowledge on the signs of “aquatic readiness”.
Carry out the steps towards submersion in a non forceful, loving way.
Handle baby safely and confidently in the water.
Have knowledge of what makes a good learn to swim program and facility.
Understand what children will be capable of at different stages of their development.


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