All the tools you need to target the Antenatal/infant market

Welcome to Water offers a 2 year licence to access the Platform and Business Marketing Support. 
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We are growing, and so will your school!
Welcome to Water is building an alliance of Swim Schools who share the force-free philosophy, and a passion for educating their customers. 

Gain leads, convert to customers, educate, save time and money.
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Provider Pricing Plans
(2 year licence)

Standard Provider

Small Swim Schools
     $89.99/month (ex GST)
(Price based on reach required)
billed monthly

 200 28 page, full colour Welcome to Water educational booklets
• Scheduled automated communication to build a relationship with these businesses and keep them informed of your product.


Access to the Welcome to Water staff training app (up to 10 employees). Receive teacher induction, and program presenter training, as well as ongoing professional development modules.

    • 4 lessons plans with staff training videos to parents for Welcome to Water program - free for 3-6 month olds. 

    • 4 lesson plans for 4-7 month old age group - for your paying customers.

    • 4 lesson plans for your 8-12 month old age group - for your paying customers. 


Powerpoint/Keynote slides to deliver the out of water component of the Welcome to Water program.

Access to online scheduling of the Welcome to Water program.

    • Automated email marketing to your leads. 

Social media marketing in your area. Design and advertising spend included.

    • Your own branded landing page on

    Premium Provider

    Medium Swim Schools
         $159.99/month (Ex GST)
    (Price Based On Reach Required)
    billed monthly
    Includes Standard Provider features plus:
    • Access to the Welcome to Water staff training app (up to 25 Employees).

    • Double the reach of standard provider package social media marketing.

    Enterprise Provider

    Small/Med/Large Swim Schools in high density areas, requiring extra reach.  

    contact us 
    for a tailored marketing solution for your business
    Includes Premium Provider features plus:
    • Unlimited access to the Welcome To Water staff training app.


Exclusivity of your Swim School in your chosen geographic area. 
    • Extended reach on social media spend.

    What is included for Welcome to Water Provider licensed swim schools?

    Find out with Director, Peter Dalle Cort

    What general business costs will your business save by joining?

     Scheduling, coordinating, and following up new infant customers
    (3 hours/week - approx. $100 per week)

     Social media spend to find infant customers
    (approx. $20/week)

     Social media content design
    (approx $40 per week)

    That's an average of $160 per week saving!

    Our platform benefits swim schools who are:

     established swim schools with existing marketing management in place.
     small swim schools who are time poor.
     new swim schools needing to get into a new market.
     swim schools looking to value add to their existing product.
     remote or regional swim schools needing to educate their customers online.
     already provide a free infant program or considering including an infant program into their existing classes.

    What else do you get?

    To produce the Welcome to Water platform yourself,  you would need to spend:
     Full email marketing design and automation sequences - Valued $18,000
     Learning management platform Staff training access - Valued $2,000
     Online Learning Platform including content, updates & design - Valued $22,000
     Business to business marketing plan - Valued $5,000 
     Landing Page Design - Valued $3,000
     SEO search optimisation - Valued $5,500
     Powerpoint/Keynote Presentation design - Valued $8,000
     Lesson planning design - Valued $9,000
     Print Media Design - Valued $3,000
     200 full colour 28 page booklets - Valued $850

    TOTAL - $76,250

    Turn this all into a functional platform to easily automate contact to customers, staff and other child related businesses  - it's VALUE: $???


     Covert more of your leads into paying customers. You only need to convert on 1 extra customer per fortnight to cover the cost of your 2 year licence.
     Position your swim school as the “force free” swim school in your area. Increase the participation of infants overall, and reduce their participation at the "not-so-force-free" swim schools.
    Supercharge your business-to-business marketing. “Dropping in” to child service providers in your area is not enough! Create ongoing relationships with these businesses to get access to their customers.
    Increase customer satisfaction and retention, by value-adding to their education. Just giving swimming lessons is not enough.

    Watch this 3 minute video for more information

    Write your awesome label here.
    Welcome to Water helps us to educate our customers and staff on how to give infants a force free introduction to water. Saves our business time and money.
    Chris Dellit - Director - Little snappers swim schools
    We save so much time following up customers. We now have more time to teach more students.
    Fallon Elsner - Manager - Swim Skills

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    Frequently asked questions

    How long does it take to onboard to the Welcome to Water platform?

    Once your swim school becomes Welcome to Water provider we require 4 weeks to allow for production of a marketing plan, create your swim schools identity on the platform and market your swim school to your new and existing customers.
    Staff training can be started immediately.

    How does the platform save me money?

    Your swim school will reduce overheads by:
    - Reducing your existing marketing spend, content production and social media workload
    - Reducing your coordinator's time scheduling and following up customers.
    - Reduce time contacting and creating relationships with child service providers in your area.
    - Reduce lost leads.

    How do I know that the Welcome to Water platform is the right fit for my business

    We want Providers who are passionate about educating their customers, who are for reducing the use of force in learn to swim lessons,  Director Pete and Jess are available to chat at anytime. Call 0415 917 894,  or Book a zoom meeting below:

    Book a Zoom meeting with Directors, Peter Dalle Cort and Jessie Jones.

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